Valiant Charge at the Angle

Valiant Charge at the Angle

By: Ron Lesser


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100 Signed and Numbered Canvases - 28" x 18"

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Brigadier General Richard Brooke Garnett and his Brave Virginians of Pickett's Division at Gettysburg -- July 3, 1863

Brigadier General Garnett, reaching the Angle, calls out to the 28th Virginia, "Faster men - faster! We're almost there." The Rebels approached the wall, their line in complete disarray. When they got to within 20 yards of the stone wall, the 69th Pennsylvania unleashed a devastating volley directly into their midst. Staggered and shattered, the Confederates kept on coming.

General Garnett was struck and killed instantly. His body was never identified.

General Garnett's black charger - Red Eye - amazingly survived the onslaught and was later seen galloping toward the Confederate lines.