Pickett's Charge - Into the Jaws of Hell

Pickett's Charge - Into the Jaws of Hell

By: Ron Lesser


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50 Signed and Numbered Canvases - 24" x 18"

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General Pickett at Gettysburg-- July 3, 1863

With shells bursting overhead and his courier falling wounded beside him, Major General George E. Pickett points, in disbelief, as wave after wave of his brave Virginia and North Carolina troops "melt" under the brutal assault of Union cannon and shot.

Afterward, when ordered by General Lee to prepare his division to receive a counterattack, Pickett responded, "General Lee, I have no division now!"

From left to right: Captain Edward R. Baird (aide de camp); Major Gen. George E. Pickett; Robert A. Bright (aide de camp); Private (identity unknown); 1st Lieutenant William Stuart Symington (aide de camp).