Celebrating Excellence - The Tradition Continues

Celebrating Excellence - The Tradition Continues

By: Don Stivers


Editions and Sizes

300 Signed & Numbered Prints - 16" x 25"


Casing of the Colors 8 May 2009

The very soul of a unit is symbolized in the Colors under which it fights, for they record the past glories, stand guardian over its present destiny, and ensure inspiration for its future. In the past, the Colors led the unit into battle. "When in action, resolve not to part with the Colors, but with your life." Today, the Colors serve as a binding symbol of continuity and point of inspiration for the future. Commanders and Soldiers come and go, but the Colors remain steadfast.

The "Casing of the Ordnance Center and Schools Colors" symbolizes the end of the Ordnance Corps 90 year affiliation with Aberdeen Proving Ground. A history rich (steep) in tradition, with a proud heritage of the many "Ordnance Warriors," Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Soldiers that have served the United States of America in Peacetime and War.